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What to Expect at Goodlife Chiropractic

Dr. Song educates you about your condition and the techniques that can be used to provide relief.[/caption]

Our office is designed to give you a homey feel. We do everything we can to make sure you’re comfortable.

Want to save some time? You can print the new patient paperwork online, or we’ll send it to you. If this doesn’t work, just come 15 minutes early and you can complete the paperwork in our office.

We know you have a busy life. You don’t have to make time to change into certain clothes for your visit. Be relaxed and casual. You can come to our office in your work clothes or day clothes. If we feel that they won’t work, we have gowns we can provide.

Your First Visit : Efficient and Effective

“When you walk through our doors, we’ll greet you, collect your paperwork and insurance cards and answer any questions. Our goal is to make your experience as efficient and effective as possible.”

Next you’ll meet Dr. Song to discuss your condition, its symptoms, and progression. “I’ll conduct a thorough exam to find the exact cause of your problem.” Depending on your case history, we perform a nerve scan, x-ray, or both.

You may or may not get adjusted on your first visit. If you’re in a lot of pain, we may begin your care on your first visit. If your case is complex, we’ll study your reports and discuss a care plan on your next visit.

Are You A Candidate for Chiropractic Care? Review Our Report

On your second visit, Dr. Song educates you about your condition and the techniques that can be used to provide relief. “I want you to understand exactly what is going on with your body, so you can make any necessary lifestyle changes.”

Before starting your adjustments, we make sure that you’re a good candidate for chiropractic care.

After thoroughly analyze your medical history, x-rays and nerve scans, we’ll determine what’s causing your pain and discuss a care plan that may help you. If necessary, we’ll refer you to other specialists.

Based on your condition and your decision, we begin your treatment. The number of your visits depends on your condition.

Tips to Maintain Your Wellness

Do you want to experience the same pain again? “I’ll provide tips and exercises on how you can prevent your condition from recurring.” We also recommend a wellness program for you, so that you don’t have to come to us regularly for the rest of your lives.

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